Apr 152015
Official Portrait

I remember being captivated by your speech at the 2012 republican convention. I remember watching it with my eyes wide open, thinking, “I cannot wait to vote for this man to be president.” I didn’t think you were going to run so quickly, but was excited at the prospect of President Marco Rubio.” You voiced conservatism so eloquently, it flowed from your lips as if you actually meant it, as if you could inspire others to believe in it …and then you announced your tax plan. You were supposed to defeat liberalism, not join it! Continue reading »

Apr 142015

Chris Christie, the once front-runner to the republican nomination, has just disqualified himself from being able to claim to be a conservative. He’s always been a bit of a wishy washy moderate on several issues, and in my opinion that’s not necessarily a terrible thing as long as it’s based on principles and not politics. However, once you cross into the support of government enforced redistribution of wealth, that’s an uncrossable line for anyone that wants to be considered any degree of conservative. Chris Christie has crossed that line. Continue reading »

Apr 122015

When it’s O’Malley versus Rand Paul in the general election, I’m voting for Rand Paul. I’m a Rand Paul guy so far, the bumper sticker is on its way. However, with that being said, I support Martin O’Malley for the 2016 democrat nomination. Continue reading »